Humans of Lagom Family

We are an international team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, scientists, nutritionists, engineers, students and more, who have all come together for a common cause: to learn, to be better healthcare professionals, to be human first. Join us in our revolutionary journey as we curate resources and tips for acute psychiatric interventions to help our patients, to help our colleagues, to help ourselves.

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Read doctor-produced health and medical information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns.

Peer-to-peer Support

Create a space where mental health can be discussed openly with the aim to destigmatise mental
illnesses within the Healthcare Community, as well as in society through peer support systems





Explore the Brain

To understand the brain through a whole-body approach to patient health by using methods like individualized metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions and psychotherapy. To create a framework to better understand common mental conditions and a toolkit to address them.

Lifelong Learning

Curate educational resources to develop a course that would be mandatory for all healthcare
professionals to be equipped to provide a holistic psychiatric analysis in all patient assessments