As Healthcare Professionals (and humans), in the midst of dedicating our lives to helping others, we tend to forget the importance of taking time to prioritise our mental health. So, just take a deep breath and dive into this short list of things you should (try your absolute best to) do everyday to keep your mental health in check. 

  1. Move your body

Although we tend to preach the importance of exercise to our patients on a daily basis, we rarely take our own advice and put effort into doing the same for ourselves. If we got into the benefits of exercise on this blog post, we’d be here all day so just do your mind a favour and get that body moving, whether it be through yoga, going to the gym or just going for a quick walk. 

  1. Keep those McDonald’s runs to a minimum

With everyone’s lives getting busier by the day, it is extremely tempting to just grab that quick meal on the go and not really put thought into what’s going into our bodies. Putting in just a bit of extra effort to have healthier meals will leave you feeling much better about yourself and you’ll even be able to avoid that guilt that sets in 10 minutes after you finish that burger. 

  1. Write your feelings down

Writing your feelings down may seem like something only the protagonist of a cheesy rom com does and we may think that we’re way too cool to take that path. However, journaling has proven to be extremely helpful in dealing with everything that goes on in the drunken monkey brains of ours. Journaling will help monitor your own thoughts and the things that have an effect on your mental health which will thereby make them a lot easier to control. 

  1. Go outside

Staying locked up when we’re busy with work is something we are all guilty of, whether it be at the hospital or in our homes. We seriously underestimate the impact a quick 10 minutes outside might have. Taking some time to just breathe in the fresh air or just stare at the moon and having your sole focus be that one thing will definitely have a calming and almost meditative effect on you. 

  1. Catch some Zs 

For most people, 24 hours a day just does not feel like enough. We go from work to the gym to our houses and catch up on whatever other work we may have, day in and day out and don’t prioritise our sleep as much as we should. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep (6 truly is the bare minimum) should be something we all strive to do in order to focus better and just have more pleasant days in general.

  1. Connect with someone

Taking some time to have a conversation and speak to someone whether it be about your day or even your feelings is something we could all use to feel better. Feeling like someone else is there for you is always great even if it’s with something as simple as a short phone call. Don’t be afraid to reach out. 

These are just a few things we can all do to make ourselves feel (even slightly) better on a daily basis. Feel free to leave any other things you do for your mental health in the comments below. 




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